Many patients think that oral health has nothing or little to do with the general health of the human body. This is certainly not true and there are many correlations between  systemic diseases and oral health. A typical example is diabetes. Let’s try to ask ourselves some questions and observe together the answers we get from clinical studies.

Do patients affected by diabetes show more complications of the diabetic illness if they are simultaneously suffering from periodontal disease?

The answer is unanimous and it is yes! In fact, diabetic patients with periodontitis have a higher risk of developing a  retinopathy with vision problems, an important kidney disease with severe renal function limitation, foot ulceration that forces the patient to movement limitations and cardiovascular disease.

Do patients with periodontal disease (parodontopathy, periodontitis, pyorrhea) compared to patients without parodontopathy have the same risk of developing a form of diabetes over time?

In this case as well, the answer is documented by clinical studies and it is again yes! Patients with periodontitis are more prone to developing both pre-diabetic conditions and diabetes.

Can patients with diabetes and periodontal disease be treated for parodontopathy?

Again the answer is yes! We should underline that especially in these cases periodontal disease therapy has a beneficial effect on both oral cavity health and the organism in its entirety. These therapies should then be performed and are considered safe and effective.

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